As a Fix It Floyd, LLC Handyman® technician, we will expect the following from you on a daily basis:

  • To have knowledge and experience in many trades, including electrical, plumbing, drywall, and carpentry.  We do not require a minimum number of years of experience.
  • Be able to interact with Clients in a professional and polite manner.  (This means being cleanly dressed, clean shaven,  shirts tucked in, being on-time, and demonstrating respect for the clients.)
  • Have the ability to enter a situation and be able to solve the problems presented calmly and controlled.
  • Being proficient with smart phones, Ipad, and sending emails.  You will encounter situations daily where you will need to find a manual online or to determine which part is defective by using a schematic found online.   
  • Wanting to learn new techniques and procedures.  Whether it is, to perfect a drywall technique or learning a quicker way to install a faucet or ceiling fan.
  • Being organized, clean and detailed when performing tasks. 
  • Fix It Floyd, LLC is a non-smoking company, so if you are a smoker you do not need to apply.

If you meet the following requirements above, please CLICK ON the TECHNICIAN JOB APPLICATION link below, print out, complete and email back to us at

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